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The Tri-Pha Series is a journey for the beginners, the experienced and the elite to determine and conquer their greatest fitness challenge. Gradually increasing in intensity, the three races under the Tri-Pha Series are the 5K Sentinel Challenge, 10K Beta Challenge & 21K Alpha Challenge.

 Introduced in 2021, the Tri-Pha Series calls upon one to find their true limits while establishing a relentless mentality to train & prepare for their most formidable challenge yet.

 Due to Covid-19, the much-anticipated 10K Beta Challenge & the ultimate challenge 21K Alpha Challenge were postponed. Now, it is time to get back on your feet to set & stick to your new year’s resolution to earn your most significant achievement in 2022.

There are three tiers of shards that can be earned once you’ve conquered any of the races under the Tri-Pha Series.

One race conquered; one shard earned.
5K Sentinel Challenge – Bronze Motivation Shard
10K Beta Challenge – Silver Determination Shard
21K Alpha Challenge – Golden Victory Shard

In order to earn the ultimate Tri-Pha Medal, you will have to register and conquer all three Tri-Pha races. All of the shards have a slotted mechanism, when combined and inserted into the Tri-Pha Medal; forms a complete victorious reward.

The races available for registration are the 10K Beta Challenge & the 21K Alpha Challenge.

The 5K Sentinel Sprint took place on 25th July 2021, and the remaining two races were postponed due to the second wave of Covid-19.


You will only be entitled to two (2) shards based on whichever race you have registered and completed.

The Tri-Pha Medal will only be awarded to Alphas who have completed all 3 races under the Tri-Pha series belt.


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