The Alpha

Rules and Regulation


  1. Each participant agrees to abide by the events rules, including:
  • No urination or defecation is permitted outside of designated areas
  • No wheeled conveyances or pets are allowed on the course at any time
  • No clothing, props or equipment that pose an unnecessary risk to participants, spectators or personnel are permitted.
  1. Participants also specifically agree to obey all civil and criminal laws, including traffic laws and regulations.
  2. Each participant agrees to exhibit appropriate behaviour at all times:
  • Demonstrate respect for all people, equipment and facilities
  • Participate with a cooperative and positive attitude.
  1. No alcohol, drugs, fire arms or any dangerous weapons will be allowed into the venue. 
  2. All Team Names used must avoid any inappropriate, vulgar or harsh languages. The Organizer has the right to remove or penalise participants who have violated the rules given.


  1. Participants can only submit their application once in each category depending on the participant’s capability. 
  2. Participants who paid through e-payment will receive a receipt with a QR code; the QR code will then be used to redeem race kits & event registration.
  3. Failure of payment – The Alpha Challenge 2023 committee will notify you and arrange a payment method for you. 
  4. All Information must be true. False identity may cause disqualification or be banned to join the race.

Updated amendments and changes of information should be emailed to


  1. Registration must be done online and only payment is allowed to be made solely at D’Sunlit Sdn Bhd Office within working hours from 8am – 5pm, daily except on Friday 12pm – 2pm and Sunday.
  2.  All Information must be true. False identity may cause disqualification or be banned to join the race.


  1. Race Kit collection will be held at the D’Sunlit Sdn Bhd’s Multipurpose Hall during office hours, 8AM – 5PM daily, except Friday 12pm – 2pm and Sunday.
  2. The date and time for the Race Kit collection will be announced via Instagram.
  3. Race Kit varies according to the registered category, please direct to our website to view the complete Race Kits.


  1. The Alpha Challenge 2023 is set to be on 3 December 2023.
  2. The venue for The ALPHA Challenge 2023 will be held at TBC.
  3. The categories available for The Alpha Challenge 2023 are:
  • 3K Fun Run
  • 5K Omega Challenge
  • 10K Sentinel Sprint
  1. Participants have the rights to leave or go around the obstacle course, or to perform all the obstacle courses along the way.
  2. 10K Sentinel Sprint is open to ages above 12 years old or with parental guidance (for ages 12 to 17 years old).
  3. Participants must adhere to all rules set forth by The Alpha Challenge 2023 Administrators and Officials.



  1. The following people and vehicles with access to the official race route leading up to the event and during the event weekend:
  • Medics
  • Marshalls 
  • Official The Alpha Challenge 2023 Organisers
  • Official The Alpha Challenge 2023 Photographers / Media / Committee


  1. Participants run in various Heats (start waves). All participants are required to start in their own assigned wave and are not permitted to start in any other wave under any circumstances. 
  2. Usually start heats follow each other in 30 Minute intervals but the intervals may be shortened to 15 minutes or even less. 
  3. Participants should follow the start heat that they have signed up for. If participants would like to change their start heats, they are required to inform the Organising Committee during collection of Race Kits. 
  4. Please arrive at the event venue 1 hour prior to the first heat wave starts. 
  5. All athletes are required to start in their assigned wave. Athletes are not permitted to start in any other wave under any circumstances.


  1. The safety of all participants, spectators, and staff is paramount. In the event of an emergency, all parties should follow the explicit instruction of event staff.
  2. In the event of an emergency, all parties/participants should remain calm, give way to medics, event staff, vehicles, and last but not least avoid grouping at the scene as it may cause congestion and delay in time to rectify the emergency.